Grove – Blue Wrapper 1X2 (4pcs)

Grove – Wrapper is a kind of wrapper to fix and protect Grove modules.




Grove – Wrapper is a kind of wrapper to fix and protect Grove modules. It will save you much work on aligning your modules, and it will easy for you to show your project. For example, it will be more straightforward to take pictures for displaying your product on the Internet. It will give a clear and clean scene if you use Grove – Wrapper to demo your project. It is more expandable for Lego mechanical parts; this will introduce flavor into your work and make your project adapt to various circumstances. The mechanical design of Grove – Wrapper also makes it easy to assemble and disassemble modules.


Note that Grove – Wrapper support around 85% of all Grove modules.


  • Flex fastener to install and replace Grove modules conveniently.
  • Always keep your project safe.
  • Half-open space, no disruption for using Grove modules.
  • Compatible with Lego and Makeblock modules that will make your project adapting and enjoyable.
  • Support with screws(M2, M4).
  • Mutual-connect-able like Lego modules does.
  • Colorful wrappers.


Dimension(big one) 50 × 25 × 13 mm
Plane dimension(small one) 25 ×25 × 13 mm
Material ABS
Color Blue


Technical details
Dimensions 110mm x80mm x15mm
Weight G.W 25g
Battery Exclude


Part List
Grove – Blue Wrapper 1*2 4


HSCODE 3926909090
USHSCODE 8473305100
UPC 841454118121


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