Grove Beginner Kit: A beginner's Guide to Arduino

Grove Kit Image
Grove Kit Image

Grove Beginner Kit: A beginner's Guide to Arduino

Now is the time to learn Arduino. If you want to know the functions of Arduino, Grove Beginner Kit is one of the best tools for beginners, students, engineers, and even hobbyists. How do you get started with Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino? Or what are the modules that you can use to boost your knowledge of Arduino? In this blog, we’ll talk you through Grove Beginner Kit, its modules, and its learning applications to get you started.

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Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino

Introducing Grove Beginner Kit. It is an all-in-one kit that includes an Arduino compatible board combined with ten modules pre-wired on a single PCB. Additionally, no breadboard, no soldering, not even jumper cables are needed. Moreover, Seeed Studio has developed more than 300 Grove modules covering a wide range of applications that can fulfill various needs. But before we dive deeper into Grove Beginner Kit, we must first understand what Grove is.

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What is Grove?

Grove makes it easier to connect, experiment, and simplify the prototyping process. First, Grove allows you to say goodbye to soldering or using a breadboard for all prototyping needs. Second, you can start using Grove modules just by plug-and-play. Third, it is compatible with many development platforms, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, and more.

Learning Objectives

Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino is a key tool to learn new things. Teachers, students, and hobbyists can start working on Grove Beginner Kit with basic Arduino programming. By understanding the kit, you can also learn basic open-source hardware systems. Not just that, you can also master communication principles and methods for sensors. Furthermore, this kit gives you an advantage with hands-on implementation of Open Source Hardware projects.

Hardware Overview

Grove Beginner Kit Product 3 Image
Dimensions - 17.69cm * 11.64cm * 1.88cm


  • LED

Simple LED module

  • Buzzer

Piezo Buzzer

  • Button

Momentary Push Button

  • Light

Detects surrounding light intensity

  • Sound

Detects surrounding sound intensity

  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Detects surrounding temperature and humidity values

  • Air Pressure Sensor

Detects surrounding atmospheric pressure

  • 3-Axis Accelerator

Detects object acceleration

  • Seeeduino Lotus

Arduino Compatible Board with Grove Ports

  • OLED Display 0.96″

128×64 dot resolution High brightness, self-emission, and high contrast ratio Big screen on a compact design Low power consumption

  • Rotary Potentiometer

Adjustable Potentiometer

Part List

Temperature & Humidity Sensorsx1
3-Axis Accelerometersx1
Air Pressurex1
Light Sensorx1
Sound Sensorx1
Input Modules 
Rotary Potentiometerx1
Output Modules 
Display Module 
OLED Displayx1
Grove Cablesx6
Micro USB Cablex1

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