Scientists and Ideas: Filipino Inventors and Technologists

Before the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, the natives were already manufacturing local gun powder, which they probably learned from Chinese traders. Moreover, they are practicing metallurgy, the "Pandays" making bolos, knives, and horseshoes. Not only did they estimated the time by the position of the sun, but they also predict storms through weather and find directions without a compass. One of the few inventions and creations of the early Filipinos was the Banaue Rice Terraces. Indeed, Filipinos are innately makers, doers, and thinkers. This article will tackle the wonders and innovations of Filipino scientists and how they transformed the Philippines as a whole. 

Dr. Fe Del Mundo

Recognized for her invention of the Incubator and of Jaundice Relieving Device

Dr. Del Mundo observed and studied diseases among children. She conducted an experiment on immunization and designated the age and time in giving the vaccination to children. One of her significant contributions in medical technology is her invention of the incubator and jaundice relieving device. Dra. Del Mundo became the administrator in Children's Medical Center in Quezon City.  She innovated an incubator made of materials available in the country so that babies born prematurely are placed inside the incubator for treatment.

Furthermore, Dr. Del Mundo established an immunization program for children to fight diseases such as polio, measles, and tuberculosis. Her dedication to serving every Filipino child, especially children with no access to proper healthcare, has pushed her to write many books on treating children's diseases. These books would, later on, help students who want to pursue a pediatrician as their field.

Arturo P. Alcaraz

Discovery of Geothermal Energy

Arturo P. Alcaraz is known as the father of Philippine Geothermal Energy. At a very young age, he was interested in geothermal power generation. During the 1953 International Science Congress held in Manila, he met a New Zealander volcanologist. His newfound friend has taught him about the significant impact of geothermal power generation and thus encouraged him to pursue the said course.

On April 12, 1967, Mr. Alcaraz set up a working model in Cale, Tiwi, Albay to prove the capability of geothermal power generation. The steam from a 1 1/2 inch hole drilled to 400 feet powered a turbo generator that conducts electricity. Immediately, the first electric bulb in the Philippines was lit up by geothermal energy for the first time.

Benjamin G. Almeda Sr.

Inventor of Striforator, Automatic Cooler, and Electric Grinders

Benjamin G. Almeda Sr. is also known as the Thomas Edison of the Philippines for his inventions. In 1949, he invented the Electric Grinders, and it was his first successful invention. His innovations and achievements have generated employment and income for Filipino families and helped curb malnutrition. He designed and manufactured 30 various kinds of effective food processing machines that are now being utilized by industries and households. A few of his inventions consist of Striforator, Automatic Cooler, and Electric Grinders. Even at the age of 77, Benjamin G. Almeda is still researching and innovating many different things to help his countrymen. 

Alfredo Moreno Anos Sr. 

Well known for his Anos Research

Mr. Alfredo Moreno Anos Sr. is a researcher well known for his "Anos Research." Through self-taught, Mr. Anos undertook several studies involving Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Electronics Science of Acoustics, Medical Apparatus, and Machine Designing of Agricultural and Industrial machinery. Mr. Anos had significant participation in the Philippines industries.  

Listed below are his research and inventions:

  1. Electronic Mosquito Repellant

  2. Electronic Door Opener

  3. Anti-Burglar Alarm

  4. Anti-Snatching Device

  5. Variable Color Light (Traffic Signal Light)

  6. Variable Color Flashlight

  7. Solar Pump

  8. Solar Desalination Device

  9. Solar Energy Converting Device

  10. Solar Energy Concentrator

  11. Improve Coconut De-fibering Device

  12. Improved Portable Thresher

  13. Improved Multi-Sign Advertising Device

  14. Improved Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump

  15. Product Directory Advertising Device

  16. Pre-Fabricated Centrifugal Pump

  17. Anti-Air Pollution Device for Motor Vehicles

  18. Hand Tractor Transmission

  19. Flexible Coupling

  20. Continuous Liquid Insecticide Sprayer

  21. Blood Plasma Sheller

  22. Engineless Fire Fighting Equipment

  23. Wind Power Generator

  24. Earth Boring Devices

  25. Mechanical Salt Harvester

  26. Anti-Storm Moderation Device

  27. Oily Water Separation

  28. Coconut Shell Button Making Machine

  29. Paper Clip Making Machine

  30. Remote Control or Push Button

  31. R.A. Self-Primming Centrifugal Device

Dr. Luz Oliveros - Belardo

Notable for her Research on Philippines Medicinal Plant

One of the many Filipino scientists who studied plants as medicine is Dr. Luz Oliveros-Belardo. She researched philippine medicinal plants for 50 years of her life. Dr. Belardo studied pharmacy at the University of the Philippines, where she also finished her master's degree. Later, she got her doctorate at the University of Connecticut in the United States. Afterward, Dr. Belardo implements her knowledge of Philippine plants for essential oils. She has extracted 33 new philippine essential oils that classified odors and flavors like mint. Consequently, her achievement was used in the production of new oils in medicines. In the Philippines, she received the Outstanding Pharmacist Award in 1963 and the National Scientist Award in 1987. 


Filipino scientists' methods, research, and achievements are essential because they help people understand how the world works in particular ways.  If harnessed for good, I believe that their scientific abilities will find opportunities for Filipinos at large. It will drive more innovation, generate more jobs, and helps our country to thrive in the global economy. 

Scientists and Ideas: Filipino Inventors and Technologists
snoosnoo 24 August, 2021
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