How to make a bootable USB drive

People have been familiarized with USB drives for portability and ease to use. While most people use them for basic tasks like storage, backup, or data transfers, few realize USB flash drives’ full potential.

This article will cover how to unlock that potential and how to make an actual bootable USB drive. A bootable USB drive will allow your computer to boot the file system from the flash drive rather than your other hard drives. This way, you can boot other operating systems and install or re-install them. You can even run different applications by installing them on your actual Hard drive storage. Still, this article will focus on making a bootable USB for operating systems.

You Need a USB Stick

At first, you need a USB stick, any brand is fine, but it should have a memory of 16GB and above because some operating system has a file size of 8GB and above.

Plug the USB into your PC/Laptop

You can plug in the USB drive to your PC/Laptop and check if it’s working or not. If it has important files, you might want to backup the USB drive because it will be wiped out entirely later in the process.

Download an Operating System

You need to download any .iso file version of operating systems, this might be Windows 10, MacOS or some Linux distro all are accepted. In this article I will use Ubuntu, it’s a Linux distro. If you want to learn how to install Ubuntu please check out our other article.

Download Balena Etcher

There are many utility software that can make bootable USB drives like Rufus, PowerISO, and BalenaEtcher. Here I will use Balena Etcher, just go to their website and choose what kind of operating system you use.

Install and Open Balena Etcher

After you download the installer, just install and open it from the applications menu. You will see that it has three steps: file, USB, and Flash.

Pick the .iso file

In the first step, you need to choose the .iso file, check where you download it, and just click and open it.

Choose the USB drive

The second step is to choose what drive you want the .iso file to be installed. It automatically suggests the USB drive you have inserted earlier, and just click send.


The Flash is straightforward, just click the button and wait for Balena Etcher to finish. After it is done, You can use your bootable USB drive to install the operating system for your PC/Laptop or any other PC/Laptop.

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Even ordinary people should know how to make or create a bootable USB drive; it’s effortless and straightforward. There are also many advantages to learning how to create a bootable USB like you don’t need to call or pay someone for help when your PC/Laptop needs to get a format; you can even try and use other operating systems in your own will. There are disadvantages too, like doing all the work. It takes time to install an operating system, but on top of that, for me, this is excellent knowledge when you want to do things on your own.

How to make a bootable USB drive
Ducky 5 November, 2020
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